Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is a clear, colorless liquid, which is the essential building block for all acrylic. MMA is used an ingredient for a wide range of applications. It can also be polymerized to create pMMA, which is used for a whole range of products, including acrylic sheet such as LuciteLux®, our own branded material. In its simplest form, acrylic sheet is a highly transparent plastic that is often used as an alternative to glass due to its lightweight and shatter resistant capabilities.

How is our acrylic sheet produced?

Lucite International uses two manufacturing methods to produce its branded LuciteLux® line of products – continuous and cell cast. These give users the ultimate choice and best optics, craze resistance and thermal qualities available in the acrylic market. Each production method creates a different combination of performance factors in the finished sheet.

for the optimum optical performance, chemical resistance and the highest molecular weight. for excellent thickness tolerance, mid-level molecular weight and physical, thermal and optical properties equivalent to cell cast.

What is Lucitelux®?

LuciteLux® continuous and cell cast acrylic is part of the Lucite® family of products, which were first developed almost 80 years ago by the pioneering British and American giants, ICI and DuPont. Today LuciteLux® is available in a fabulous array of colors, effects, textures and transparency levels making it one of the most versatile, contemporary materials to work with. Architects, artists, interior designers, retailers, lighting, furniture and accessories manufacturers, signage companies and many more choose LuciteLux® to turn their design vision into reality. It is the perfect canvas to spark the imagination and set creativity free!

Excellent optical clarity Fabulous range of clear, colors and tints
Highly transparency Beautiful surface textures
Great thickness tolerance and controls Design patterns built into the sheet
10x stronger than glass Simple to cut, form and fabricate
Superior craze resistance Easy to polish and finish for high quality look
Chemically stable Easy routing and engraving with clean finish
Excellent weatherability Rich heritage creates an aspiration quality
BPA-free material Strong reputation within design community
Recyclable to original liquid state
Easy to ship and handle
Suitable for surface treatment