What’s hot for 2015 – an inside look at 8 color trends

Even before a company releases new products, it’s already anticipating the trends that will inform what’s next. With 2015 on the horizon, we asked Lucite International’s Color Consultant for its LuciteLux® cast acrylic brand, Beth Almond, ASID, for her predictions on the hottest design trends for the coming year.

The Future is Now
Get out your silver boots and prepare for a futuristic fashion theme. Technology and events that were once inconceivable outside of a science fiction novel are now reality. The highly anticipated theatrical releases of “Star Wars VII,” “Avengers 2,” and “Avatar 2” are helping influence this trend. This is the foundation for the use of bright, clear colors. Lemon yellow, vibrant greens, oranges, turquoise, reds and blues appeal to the younger set, which thrives on energy and continual stimulation. As baby boomers struggle to adapt to the new pace, they find refuge from all these demands in calmer, softer, more muted shades of the same colors.

Design for Living
People born in the mid-70s, 80s and early 90s have great expectations for all aspects of their lives and design is no exception. Switching jobs often, following their passions and attempting to find the perfect job that’s both exciting and fulfilling. These generations also strive to better balance work and their personal lives. Gen Y’ers and Millennials generally wait longer to get married and start families in the interest of marital harmony and financial stability. They are willing to take risks and have acquired a quietly confident “look at me” attitude that translates into pops of color – lime green, bright orange and red – on functional elements such as cell phones, iPad covers, shoes and even kitchen appliances.

Heyday Design is Back
The colors of yesteryear, especially those made popular during the post-war revival era are new again. Rebuilding, renovating, revival of materials and patterns – particularly focused on 1950s architecture will be seen throughout 2015. We’ll see a strong sea of gray, black, pink, orange and aqua. Retro furniture is the new contemporary that works in any setting.

Ethnic Bohemian
Tribal, handcrafted goods, like woven baskets and colorful needlework, are truly works of art in unexpected forms. In the coming year, we’ll see patterns as far as the eye can see. Timeless natural colors, like red, prevail but are increasingly stretched, developed and contemporized into an abundance of color options to fit any mood. Global, spicy hot colors are the perfect way to make neutrals come to life. Neutrals become the accent rather than the dominant part in any scheme, the focus being squarely on a mosaic of lively, happy colors that cross many industries.

Shifting Into Neutral
This trend is all about blurring lines and erasing age and gender differences. Ageless youth, ‘60 is the new 40 type of thinking’, fashion for all generations and an impossibility to judge age as a certainty. Overt political correctness where there are no girly girls or macho men. We’ll see a color palette that fits any lifestyle: blues, grays, tans and safe neutral colors that look good on all. Staple colors suitable for any occasion, any quietly confident style, male or female.

Touch Me
In 2015, it’s all about texture and the emotions that are generated by feeling something richer and different than the norm. It stands to reason that with all the slick technology and shiny smooth surfaces that there’s the desire for comfort and reassurance. Consumers today are much more interested in the feel of textures that will be close to the skin than in just the way that they look. This trend speaks to appreciating something using our combined senses – touch, feel and sight together – and is non-color dependent but nevertheless important across the entire spectrum. Layered patterns and textures in different materials, transparent and opaque.

Back to Basics
Farm to table, gardens at home and backyard chicken coops signal an entire movement towards earthiness and wholesome goodness. This is about personal, family, and local community sustainability – living a life that feels more ethically sound and altruistic. Working in fields and gardens requires a different sort of clothing. Cottons, with their resilience and durability are popular. Earth colors, cream and white for shirts to reflect light, and blues, greens, medium browns are a practical solution for pants.

Bringing the Outdoors In
The big story for 2015 is that nature and old are in; think oxidation, copper patina, faded and worn. The mantra to repurpose, reuse, and go green will be heard all year long. The outdoors moves inside; blending reclaimed wood for floors, furniture, and accessories with more modern comforts. Chunks of raw minerals and gemstones are displayed as works of art. Driftwood is being sculpted into coat racks, tables and chairs, or simply hung on the wall. Off whites, light beiges, grayed browns of all intensities, moss green, pale blues are representative of this mood. Comfort colors to soothe the soul and reconnect with a simpler time.

Trends in Action
LuciteLux® is busy capturing these trends on Pinterest.

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