What did Best Buy love about LuciteLux® Vario?

LuciteLux® acrylic is the perfect solution for retail store displays. Lending itself to modern, sleek design, it’s no surprise that LuciteLux® is being used in Best Buy electronics stores across the United States to showcase and draw attention to the latest innovative computer technology.

If you’re looking for a new laptop, you’ll find them at Best Buy, displayed on specially crafted and designed LuciteLux® Vario cell cast acrylic sheet in colorful Cascade Blue in a .236 thickness.

Acrylic Design Associates, a Minneapolis, Minn.-based, longtime distributor and fabricator of LuciteLux® acrylic sheet worked with Lucite International at the request of Microsoft to develop a new, custom sheet especially for the displays. While the displays were originally to be crafted in a .315 thickness available ex-UK, due to the large quantity and time constraints, Lucite International’s Memphis-based color team and plant worked quickly to complete the custom order.

According to Acrylic Design Associates, “Lucite International made it a simple, turn-key project,” producing 11,000 displays for Best Buy stores nationwide.