Touch Me

In 2015, it’s all about texture and the emotions felt by touching something richer with more dimension than the norm. Despite the slick technology and shiny smooth surfaces we come into contact with daily, we still have a collective desire for warmth, comfort and reassurance from other items in our surroundings. Or maybe it’s a reaction to all the modern and minimalistic influences in our lives.

Consider the feeling of something that is imperfect and time worn, like a cherished stuffed animal that has thinned from constant caresses, a smooth coin – its ridges smoothed over time, aged pottery, or a weathered plaster wall. Texture brings depth, character and a sense of history.

There are many ways to incorporate texture into design projects. Consider textured or embossed wallpaper instead of a painted accent wall for added dimension and a sense of warmth. Include accent textures – pillows, throws and rugs – with an unexpected feel, like studs, faux fur or cowhide.

Consumers today are much more interested in the feel of textures that will be close to the skin than mere aesthetics. This trend speaks to appreciating things using our combined senses – touch, sight even smell and sound.

Be prepared for layered patterns and textures in different materials, transparent and opaque to find their way into our homes, offices and closets in the coming months.

When it comes to texture, what’s your tactile preference? Smooth and silky or rough and tumble?