The Future is Now

Dust off your metallic boots and prepare for futuristic fashion-inspired design trends. Events and technologies – like smart phones and space travel for leisure – that were once inconceivable outside of a science fiction movie are now the norm. The pace of life moves incredibly fast. Advances in technology merge all aspects of our daily existence, creating constant connection with your job, family and friends. Highly anticipated feature films like this summer’s Terminator Genisys are also helping influence this movement.

How do all of these twists and turns translate into the design world?

We’re not sure about you, but when we think “futuristic,” we immediately visualize 3D textures and ultra-modern design. Picture iridescent tiles inspired by space, technological textiles like optic fibers integrated into fabric or a sleek office space done in a mix of matte and glossy silver.

At nearly 80 years old, LuciteLux® acrylic remains a high-tech material in the minds of designers. In fact, famed jewelry designer Alexis Bittar utilized the material when creating pieces for “Star Trek” and “The Hunger Games” movies, something he discussed in a recent Chicago Tribune article.

“I think the sci-fi movies love Lucite®, they see it as futuristic, and it just reflects light so well on screen. For ‘Hunger Games,’ we designed a bunch of jewelry for Elizabeth Banks’ character; the clothing was kind of depression-industrial, but the jewelry was completely over the top. She was wearing this gray-tone attire, and then the jewelry was super colorful, massive bracelets, pins, she wore a ton of jewelry of mine,” said Bittar. “We designed a collar, a shirt collar out of metal and then a Lucite® tie for Peeta. It’s hand-sculpted and has this kind of Deco ice-cracking motif on the tie.”

“The future is now” trend opens opportunities for the use of bright, unmistakable colors. Think lemon yellow, vibrant greens, oranges, turquoise, reds and blues. These hues appeal to those who thrive on energy and continual stimulation. Is it any wonder the Apple Watch comes in energetic shades of blue, green and pink? As baby boomers adapt to the faster pace, they often find refuge from all these demands in calmer, softer, more muted shades of the same colors.

How are you infusing this trend into your designs?

Trend predictions are from Lucite International’s Color Consultant for its LuciteLux® cast acrylic brand, Beth Almond, ASID.