Shifting Into Neutral

As we continue exploring design trends for 2015, one that we find particularly intriguing is the rise of neutrals. Don’t write off neutrals as the safe choice. The layers of complexity created by these subtle hues are worthy of the attention they’ll receive this year.

Neutral colors are infused in interior spaces to balance the environment. And this trend doesn’t stop when you leave the house or a commercial setting. Soft blues, grays, creams and tans look good on all and are fashion staples suitable for any occasion. Not only will we see a 2015 color palette that fits any lifestyle, this trend also transcends age and gender differences.

This is the year of ageless youth, “60 is the new 40” type of thinking and style for all generations. Judging age with certainty becomes impossible. This trend brings an opportunity for communication and collaboration between age groups that was formerly nonexistent. We’ll see singles of all ages fully embraced in all communities.

Shifting into neutral is also about blurring lines between boy and girl. Overt political correctness rules the day and there are no girly girls or macho men.

How are you using neutrals? Have you combined soft gray walls with smoky charcoal doors and a pale, gray-white ceiling? Did you go for an Annie Hall-inspired ensemble for your last party?