As a member of this global community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place, LuciteLux® benefits from direct access to graphic and information designers, fabricators, architects, exhibition designers, way-finding specialists and many more.

Universal Laser Systems

LuciteLux® is about turning design ideas into reality, especially in retail, hospitality, architecture, interiors, art and more. Just Imagine what you can do with LuciteLux® using laser processing technology from Universal Laser Systems.

International Association of Plastics Distributors (IAPD)

Membership of IAPD ensures LuciteLux® is continually sharing in the free flow of ideas and information that help increase the use of plastics, and specifically acrylic, for sustainable solutions across many market sectors.

Lightboard Technologies

Providing LuciteLux® with expert advice and high quality components that work in conjunction with our acrylic, Light Board Technologies provides LuciteLux® with all we need to demonstrate what can be achieved by combining light with our products.

Seoul Semiconductor

A global leader in the supply of LED bulbs, Seoul Semiconductor’s products are used by Lightboard Technologies in conjunction with LuciteLux® and companies all over the world for a wide range of high end lighting applications.

White Optics™

As one of our components partners, White Optics™ provides LuciteLux® with innovative products that improve lighting efficiency and design. It is passionate about developing and optimizing technologies for light management.


Color Marketing Group is the international association for color design professionals. As members, LuciteLux® benefits from regular color-forecast information that helps us to stay on trend in all that we do.

Association for Retail Environments

As members of A.R.E. LuciteLux® connects with designers, specifier, customers and potentials in the fast-moving world of retail. We’re also on top of retail industry trends, data, and the market as a whole.

Material ConneXion

A long association with this global organization helps ensure we stay at the forefront of material developments; understanding what’s new, bridging the gap between science and design, helping us to ‘Just Imagine’ what is possible with LuciteLux®.