LuciteLux®: Made in Memphis

At Lucite International, we embrace the idea of continuous improvement. Our determination to achieve excellence means we are always looking to advance the efficiency of operations and meet or exceed our customers’ needs. A recent example of this is shifting the production of some of our more popular colors and effects from Europe to the U.S. We know our distributor customers need to provide the right sizes and thicknesses on a tight turnaround in order to be competitive. Over the last several months, we’ve invested in our infrastructure and ramped up production at our Memphis, Tennessee facility in order to deliver LuciteLux® products to the North American market.

Today, several popular LuciteLux® product lines are manufactured in Memphis.

LuciteLux® EcoShade™
A continuous cast acrylic sheet featuring innovative components distributed uniformly throughout the material to permanently reduce heat transmitted through windows and skylights during summer months and heat lost during winter. Designers are drawn to its iridescent look.

LuciteLux® Frame Grade
Our Frame Grade cast acrylic sheet offers exceptional optical clarity and a 100 percent guarantee of no black specks making it the first choice for protective framing solutions in homes, schools, public buildings and private showcases.

LuciteLux® Clear and Colors
Our continuous and cell cast acrylic sheet with its high molecular weight combines all the outstanding performance characteristics, including high optical clarity and long-term retention of properties you’d expect with excellent aesthetics and gives designers and fabricators the ultimate.

LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel (LGP)
Developed specifically for edge-lit applications, including lighting and signage, our LGP continuous cast acrylic is formulated with evenly dispersed illuminating particles to provide bright, even illumination.

LuciteLux® Metropolitan
Taking inspiration from the world’s great cities, Metropolitan combines the beautiful transparency of cast acrylic with high definition edges. The unique colored edge effect is inherent in the sheet, meaning it is retained whatever the shape, fabrication method or application. Applications include windshields, way finding, and hospitality, among others.

LuciteLux® Museum Grade
Our Museum Grade cast acrylic sheet filters out 98 percent of harmful UV light, which causes fading and decomposition of exhibits. Like Frame Grade, this product is backed with our 100 percent guarantee of no black specks.

LuciteLux® Myst®
Offers a chic frosted look that softly diffuses light and adds subtle elegance. The frost effect is permanently infused throughout the sheet, meaning it is retained through any processing or fabrication technique. Myst® can be utilized for any number of applications, including architecture, corporate identity and interior design.

LuciteLux® Spectrum
Create slimmer, brighter and more cost-effective back-lit signs using our Spectrum continuous acrylic sheet. It is infused with diffusion particles that help deliver vibrant, constant color and exceptional, even brightness.

LuciteLux® Vario
Inspired by the Tropics, our Vario range offers six transparent colors. The striking, fluorescent live edge contrasts beautifully with the subtle surface color and provides designers unlimited versatility in their creative work. Vario is suited for a variety of applications and is a favorite for point-of-purchase displays.

Delivering on our promises is what we do best, and we invite you to imagine the future of design along with us. Learn more about our story here.

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