LuciteLux® & Cosmetics – Put Your Company’s Best Face Forward

When selling products that are about making customers look their best, it’s critical that the displays also look exquisite.

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, a cracked, faded display is surely a “don’t”. Some acrylics used for POP displays are prone to crazing, a term used to describe a series of minute cracks that appear in the surface of a material after exposure to an organic liquid or its vapor. Fading is also a major challenge for retail designers.

With LuciteLux®, there is no need to worry about crazing or fading. The material is a continuous cast acrylic sheet with high UV and chemical resistance that protects against this type of irreversible damage. Major brands including Sephora, Chanel, Clinique and Kohl’s trust LuciteLux® for displays that stand the test of time.

Another reason retailers turn to LuciteLux® is our ability to color match perfectly with a brand’s corporate identity. Now that’s a thing of beauty.