LuciteLux® Clear cast acrylic protects precious art

The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation located in San Diego, CA recently opened a exhibit area to showcase the work of local talent. The exhibit designer wanted to work with a material that would celebrate the beauty of the art works to their fullest while protecting them from the viewing public and chose LuciteLux® Clear continuous cast acrylic for the job.

Fabrication partner, Ridout Plastics, recommended LuciteLux® Clear as the first choice material due to its excellent optical clarity, its strength, durability and scratch resistance, which are all important performance characteristics for show casing art in a high-traffic exhibition space. Ridout Plastics has worked with LuciteLux® on numerous occasions and was also confident that the material would be easy to cut, form and fabricate as well as being easy to maintain and keep clean. And using LuciteLux® also gave the fabricator one of the best bonding substrates in the market, which meant that the display cases could be built with seamless glue joints that did not detract from the view of the artworks inside.

With the newly constructed vitrine displays in place, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the exhibits and the staff can count on the display cases to stay beautiful despite the day-to-day wear and tear they undergo.