Louvers by Design

Louvers by Design is a custom home project in picturesque Point Loma, California and winner of the LuciteLux® JUST IMAGINE Awards 2014.

The architectural plans originally called for louvers that would diffuse natural light coming into the two-story living room, while allowing people on the second floor to have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. Jeff Kull of Jeff Kull Construction turned to Elliott Rabin of ePlastics to identify a material that would not only accomplish that objective, but also be strong, durable and able to withstand varying temperatures and all kinds of weather, particularly in its relatively exposed position at the top of the house. ePlastics introduced Kull to LuciteLux® Frost acrylic in Glacier Green.

One of the other reasons the team selected LuciteLux® acrylic for this project was its thermoformability, which allowed it to be heated and wrapped around an aluminum frame in a controlled and uniform manner, avoiding the risk of kinking or cracking.

“We selected LuciteLux® Frost because of its opacity level and color, which blended with the ocean beautifully. The home’s decorators had a very intentional theme and color scheme. The LuciteLux® cast acrylic was a perfect match.” – Elliot Rabin, president and owner, ePlastics

Project/location: Point Loma, California
Client: Private owners
Architect/designer: Elliott Robin from ePlastics and Jeff Kull from Jeff Kull Construction
Product used: LuciteLux® Frost in Glacier Green