Latest Advances in LEDs

LightSpace California, co-located with the LED Show and Strategies in Light, is an event dedicated to sharing inspiration, ideas and expertise in creating exceptional design. The LuciteLux® team will be there (booth #555) from February 28 through March 2 to show off our materials specially engineered for lighting applications.

Peter Sussman, president of LightBoard Technologies, will join the team at the show. Sussman has 20+ years of in-store marketing experience and a passion for electronics. He creates innovative LED products that are impactful in the retail environment and are used at top retailers such as Target and Best Buy.

He also believes LuciteLux® is the perfect material for optimizing light.

LL: Tell us about your experience of using LuciteLux®.

PS: I’m a proponent of using LuciteLux® Light Guide Panel (LGP) with our LightBoard products because it is simple to work with and creates super bright results. Today you don’t need to be an electrical engineer to build a lightbox with LEDs.

LL: How has LED design evolved?
PS: LEDs are becoming brighter, more energy efficient, and more mainstream than ever before. In fact, the LEDs I use today are 20 percent brighter than the ones used just a few years ago. This means for the same dollar spend and energy use, customers can get bigger and/or brighter displays.

LL: Why are illuminated displays so popular?
PS: That’s an easy one to answer! Brands have to compete hard for consumer attention. Using LEDs with creative materials such as LuciteLux® acrylic showcase products in new and exciting ways that demand attention. Illuminated displays provide a great way to stand out from the competition.