How to illuminate a sign perfectly?

The Las Vegas strip at night with its famous casinos aglow is probably one of the most recognized landscapes in the world. And, throughout the city, even its transit shelters take on a unique brightness with LuciteLux® Light Guide Panels (LGP) made using continuous cast acrylic sheet.

Beginning at the end of 2010 and continuing ever since, Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) installed LuciteLux® LGP  edge-lit acrylic panels to showcase signage at more than 72 transit shelters across the city.

YESCO used 6′ x 4′ and 3′ x 2′ clear panels of a 2″ thickness, solar-lit, using an energy efficient 12 volts. Project manager Robert Andrade notes that LuciteLux® LGP was chosen for the project because of the slim line of the product and aesthetic quality of the sheet, which allows light to disperse evenly across graphic images.