Heyday Design is Back

In 2015, designers and architects are taking cues from the 1950s. The colors of yesteryear, especially those made popular during the post-World War II revival era, are new again. The revitalization of historic buildings and entire districts demonstrates a renewed interest and appreciation of the past, and as a result we are seeing heritage style and design interpreted in new and authentic ways.

While the popular TV series “Mad Men” is ending, the beauty and familiar aesthetic of mid-century modern design endures. It is grounded in the philosophy of its time, which was founded on sleek simplicity and integration with the outdoors. This design era became possible with new engineering techniques and materials after WWII, when shipyards, steel mills and fiberglass factories hired skilled designers and architects.

From materials to colors, heyday design brings back the best of the past, so hold onto your poodle skirt and put on your cat eyeglasses. With this trend, we’re seeing a strong sea of gray, black, pink, orange and aqua.

Heyday design means retro furniture is the new contemporary choice that works in any setting. These items, from sofas and starburst mirrors to reproduction refrigerators and toasters, provide the right balance of retro chic and modern sophistication.

How are you throwing it back to the ‘50s and embracing this trend?

Trend predictions are from Lucite International’s Color Consultant for its LuciteLux® cast acrylic brand, Beth Almond, ASID.