Getting Wild With LuciteLux®

The Rainforest Café® inside Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom transports diners from Orlando, Florida to another continent. The restaurant’s décor includes lush greenery, animated animals, sounds of thunder and even rainstorms. With assistance from Minneapolis-based Acrylic Design Associates, a manufacturer of premier retail display and store fixtures, the “welcome to the jungle” feel even flows into the restrooms.

Acrylic Design Associates proactively works with clients – many large national retailers – to provide innovative, creative, and effective fixture and branding concepts. Owner and CEO Bill McNeely, Jr. said the Rainforest Café project came to life with LuciteLux® Clear and Light Guide Panel (LGP). McNeely and his team were charged with designing, manufacturing and installing enough “leaves” to populate the entire ceiling in the restrooms.

“The continuous cast acrylic lends itself as a better choice for forming and laser cutting,” said McNeely, who noted the optimal clarity of its edge. “The Clear LuciteLux® was the perfect material for crafting the drape-formed leaves.”

From start to finish, the project took about two months to complete. McNeely said he appreciated the support Lucite International provided on both the technical and customer service fronts. Are you working on a project that would benefit from our expertise? Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding products or working with LuciteLux® acrylic.