• What is LuciteLux® continuous cast acrylic sheet?

    LuciteLux® continuous cast acrylic sheet features a unique combination of high molecular weight and uniform thickness. It is lightweight and easily cut, formed and fabricated. It has outstanding thickness consistency and provides all the benefits associated with high molecular weight.

  • How do I glue LuciteLux® acrylic sheet?

    LuciteLux® acrylic sheet can be glued to itself using a variety of cements designed to create a cohesive bond. IPS Weld-On manufactures Weld-On #3, 4 or 5 solvent cements, which are formulated for use on LuciteLux® acrylic sheet. To ensure the correct cement is used contact IPS at 800-421-2677.

  • Can I cut LuciteLux® acrylic sheet?

    LuciteLux® acrylic sheet can be cut, drilled, or routed using ordinary wood working tools fitted with plastic cutters. The sheet can also be lasered very easily. Contact Universal Laser at 800-859-7033 for more information.

  • Does LuciteLux® acrylic sheet filter harmful UV light?

    Yes, standard LuciteLux® acrylic sheet filters more than 90% of the harmful UV light.

  • What percentage of harmful UV light does LuciteLux® Museum Grade sheet filter


  • What is the best way to clean LuciteLux®?

    Some household cleaners contain ingredients that are harmful to acrylic sheet. We recommend the use of a solution of warm water and liquid detergent using a soft cloth. Antistatic cleaners, like Brillianize®, work well.

  • Can scratches in LuciteLux® acrylic sheet be repaired?

    Minor scratches can be minimized with a variety of cleaner polishes such as Plexus® or Novus®. Deeper scratches can be repaired by very light sanding the item and then buffing with a soft cloth.

  • Am I able to receive a warranty for any LuciteLux® product that I buy?

    Please contact us for further information about our warranties here

  • What agency and code approvals exist for the LuciteLux® product portfolio?

    You can download a pdf copy of all of the relevant agency and code approvals that are relevant for our products here. If you have a specific question about any of these, please contact us.

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