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    LuciteLux® Frost acrylic panels (branded Perspex® in the UK) add an architectural feature in this award winning new car park at the heart of a regeneration zone in Birmingham, UK, and create a lighter, brighter environment for users.  
  • Ingegerd Ramen
    Dramatic light art by designer, Ingegerd Råmen uses Perspex® Clear acrylic sheets (LuciteLux® in the US) with LEDs and intricate light lines to create a statement at Spira performing arts centre in Jönköping, Sweden.
  • New World Symphony
    New World Symphony in Miami, designed by architect legend, Frank Gehry to inspire musicians and patrons alike, features contemporary bars in LuciteLux® Frost in Glacier Green and White to mirror the ocean setting.
  • Pavilion
    A city’s ambition for sustainable energy consumption was captured through the use of LuciteLux® Clear acrylic at this award winning garden; the pavilion’s structural components and waterfall arches were particularly stunning features.
  • CEU Banner
    Over 80 ‘tiles’ of Perspex® Frost (LuciteLux® in the US) in colorful tones were used to create LED illuminated panels as part of a contemporary slate entrance scheme at a new UK-based housing development.

Are you an architect looking to boost your professional training? Wondering which CEU to complete next? Then LuciteLux® has something in store for you! Learn about the potential of acrylics in the built environment by completing our CEU: ‘Acrylic Specification for Architectural Applications,’ approved by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and now live on Architectural Record’s website under the Continuing Education area here.

Completing a CEU online means you can learn at your own pace at a time that suits you. Alternatively, our team in the USA is planning a series of face-to-face presentations through 2015, which you can find out about by connecting with us here.

After completing the 60-minute module, you will be able to:
• Explain acrylic types and the terminology used in relation to them
• Define the properties of acrylic sheet that make them suitable for architectural applications
• Illustrate how the qualities of acrylic contribute to sustainability
• Explain acrylic fabrication techniques
• View case studies that demonstrate architectural and other uses of acrylics

All architects in the USA have to complete 18 x 1hr CEUs each year in order to retain their AIA membership. Architectural Record is a registered provider with the AIA Continuing Education System (AIACES). The credit earned after completing the LuciteLux® acrylic sponsored unit will be reported to CES records for AIA members and certificates for non-AIA members will be available upon request.

The LuciteLux® sponsored CEU is registered with the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) for continuing education credits (completing the course counts as ONE CEU credit). Credit is accepted by the ASIS, IIDA and IDC. For more information, contact us.