Bright Lights, Big City. A look back at LFI 2015

We are just back from LIGHTFAIR International 2015 (LFI). The Javits Convention Center in New York City played host to the latest innovations in lighting design. Exhibitors from around the world showcased their newest products and the show was vibrant with energy.

Our booth welcomed a wide range of visitors, all interested in our Illuminations Series. We chatted with attendees about our edge- and back-lit products, our 3D letter offer, Spectrum Block, and of course the many colors and effects of LuciteLux® acrylic. From product samples to hands-on lighting demos LIGHTFAIR attendees experienced the potential of LuciteLux® acrylic sheet as the perfect partner for a myriad of lighting applications.

According to Jane Nash, sales development manager, “The star of the show was most definitely LuciteLux® Spectrum Block for 3D characters – letters, numbers and shapes all leap to life using this exciting new addition to our range.” LIGHTFAIR attendees were drawn to the chunky block letter design and were ‘wowed’ by the product’s clean, bright, even light. From signage to custom displays, Spectrum Block is versatile and can accommodate any design or shape. It’s both economical and environmentally sound making it a popular player in the LED lighting space.

This year’s show was well attended and our replica of NYC icon, “The Statue of Liberty,” made of precision laser-cut layers of LuciteLux® acrylic sheets, attracted a lot of interest in the booth. The sculpture was a perfect way to demonstrate the endless possibilities of designing and fabricating with LuciteLux® acrylic. Its creator, OCIP from Anaheim, CA, is a long-term LuciteLux® fabrication partner. The team at OCIP appreciates the ease and flexibility of working with the material and has built a strong reputation for using it to deliver projects for major brands throughout the U.S. over the years.

As we walked the show floor and spoke with people in our booth, we identified three key observations worth sharing.

  • LED lighting: allowing slimmer profiles and more energy efficiency than ever – the various displays throughout the show’s multiple exhibit floors demonstrate a shift toward LED lighting sources that enable both sleeker profiles and greater energy efficiency. Thinner than ever and more economic equal a bright future for LEDs.
  • Growth in lighting design across industries – this year’s show included more categories than ever and we saw exhibitors from a wider variety of industries. We had interesting conversations with digital sign professionals as well as with experts in alternative energy, healthcare and hospitality. Lighting design now touches virtually every industry.
  • Lighting is a global language – as an international company, it’s always interesting to see how our global counterparts are pushing boundaries in design. This was clearly the case as we met with lighting professionals from around the world.