Back to Basics

Consumers are increasingly interested in simplifying their lives. They are also looking to find more meaning. With this comes a desire to know more about the products they buy and where they come from.

Farm to table, home gardens and backyard chicken coops signal a movement toward wholesome goodness, where things are homegrown and hard work is valued. The back to basics trend is about living less complicated lives. We want a life that feels more ethically sound and altruistic – to disconnect from technology and reconnect with what’s truly important.

Simple is also “in” when it comes to design. Instead of overly planned spaces, we’re seeing family-friendly areas that feature comfy seating and eco-friendly materials. Recycled glass, sustainable harvested wood, and repurposed aluminum all fuel this shift toward simplification.

Cottons, with their durability, multi-functionality and enduring popularity, are essential in getting back to basics. Earth colors, cream and white reflect light, while blues, greens, and medium browns provide warmth. Designers and their clients are forgoing cold and sterile looks for warm and cozy. Think farmhouse and French country instead of highly designed, sterile spaces. Envision a beautifully handcrafted coffee table that fuses LuciteLux® with repurposed wood and decorated simply with a gorgeous array of spring flowers, such as daffodils or tulips.

As a result of this trend, we observe a renewed respect for local industry and an emphasis on locally sourced products. Consumers are heading to farmer’s markets instead of supermarkets and skipping big box stores in favor of boutiques. They’re choosing home-grown produce, hand-baked cookies and cake as well as items for the home, such as wreaths, sculptures and paintings handcrafted by local artisans.

How will this trend impact the work you’re doing for your clients?