The LuciteLux® team, located in the Americas, is part of Lucite International, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products. Our passion lies in providing the world of design with a continuous flow of exciting acrylic products that help transform creative ideas into brilliant solutions for today’s fast-moving world.

LuciteLux® has a simple brand promise, ‘Just Imagine’. We’re about opening minds, widening horizons, encouraging challenge and stretching the imagination. We’re also about combining beautiful aesthetics with strong performance capabilities to ensure our products consistently add value no matter where they are used.

Our global business

Lucite International was created from the acrylic businesses of ICI and DuPont. Today, the Company has manufacturing, sales and distribution capabilities across The Americas, Asia Pacific and EAME and is the energy and driving force behind Lucite®, LuciteLux® and some of the world’s best known acrylic products that add value to a growing range of applications. Being a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical we have strengthened our position as the world’s largest supplier of MMA (the essential building block for all acrylics) and are set on a path of integration, which will deliver even more opportunities to grow and succeed with our customers and partners.

Our Company is committed to going further in all that we do and we set ourselves the highest standards in safety, health and environmental performance, in the efficiency of our operations and in the positive contribution we make to our customers, our people, and the industries and communities we serve. Building on our rich heritage and continuing to develop strong customer and partner relationships, we will challenge convention and look to new technologies and operating models to grow the world of acrylics.

  • Our corporate history


    – ICI invents the first commercial technology process for MMA.

    – ICI commences production of MMA and Perspex® sheet in the UK.

    – DuPont commences production of MMA and Lucite® sheet in the USA.

    – ICI establishes its first UK production site for Perspex®.


    – DuPont expands in the US, establishing operations in Memphis and Parkersburg.

    – ICI expands into Europe, establishing the PMMA operation in Rozenburg, Holland.

    – ICI establishes Kaohsiung Monomer Company in Taiwan, a JV with CPDC to produce MMA.

    – The first modern continuous cast sheet line is installed in Memphis, USA.


    – The acrylics business established within ICI.

    – DuPont and ICI invest US$500m in new MMA facilities in the USA, UK and Taiwan.

    – ICI acquires DuPont’s acrylic assets.

    – Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP acquires ICI Acrylics and forms Ineos Acrylics.

    – Capacity expansion in UK at Cassel (MMA) and Darwen (Sheet).


    – Acquisition of Acrylic Products, the leading acrylic sheet producer in South Africa, and Bonar Polymers, a UK specialty resins company.

    – Fite Road, Tennessee, USA becomes the first MMA plant worldwide to move from a two to three-year overhaul frequency.


    – ACH plant and pipeline commissioned at Seal Sands, UK.

    – Alpha pilot plant successfully completed, technology proven and patented.


    – Lucite International (China) Chemical Industry Co Ltd formed and construction of MMA plant begins.


    – Announcement of the first Alpha technology plant to be built in Singapore.

    – Lucite International and MRC agree a MMA capacity sharing agreement under which Lucite International will supply MRC from its new Singapore facility and MRC will supply Lucite International from a new facility in Texas, USA.

    – China plant becomes operational.


    – Acquisition of DuPont Acrylonitrile plant at Beaumont, Texas, USA. Construction of world’s first Alpha plant begins.


    – Lucite International acquires DuPont’s HCN production facility at Beaumont.

    – Alpha plant in Singapore becomes fully operational.


    – Lucite International acquired by Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd.


    – Reinvigoration of the Lucite® brand results in the launch of LuciteLux® in the USA.


    – Lucite International becomes a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical.