A vibrant partnership at GlobalShop 2017

Have you been persuaded to stop in a coffee shop or corner café because of an eye-catching chalkboard sign on the sidewalk or painted windows? We have. At LuciteLux®, we have a soft spot for great design and marketing. That’s how Chalk Ink® caught our attention at GlobalShop 2016 and we decided to partner with the company at this year’s show.

According to company officials, Chalk Ink® markers solve many design and sign problems in a budget-friendly way while providing a polished and professional look. At GlobalShop 2017, both the LuciteLux® and Chalk Ink® booths showcased how the materials go hand-in-hand to create striking signage and displays.

How do LuciteLux® acrylic and Chalk Ink® work together?
Chalk Ink® markers are most often used on non-porous chalkboards, but one of the fastest growing trends is Chalk Ink® on acrylics. “It’s an attractive surface that is more versatile than say, a white board,” said Chalk Ink® CEO Danielle Pruitt. “The markers work well and clean easily off of LuciteLux®. It’s really a great look for both front and back of the house. The color combinations are endless and they are fun to use.”

What makes Chalk Ink an innovative product for visual merchandising / retail design?

“Chalk Ink® takes the popular handcrafted look of chalk to another level,” said Pruitt. “It has an opaque quality that makes writing and drawing look more crisp and clean.” The Chalk Ink® markers have actual pigment and a high-end look preferred by merchandisers and designers. “We provide solutions for writing beyond the faded chalk and neon colors that were used before we came along,” said Pruitt.

Because Chalk Ink® markers can be used on any non-porous surface, they can work their magic on LuciteLux® acrylic. For projects requiring semi-permanency, like restaurant signage, Chalk Ink® markers are a dream. Lacking a dusty, rough texture, the product has a gorgeous vibrancy.

How would you use LuciteLux® acrylic and Chalk Ink® markers together?