A Conversation with Lucite International’s (LI) New Business Development Manager

In April, LI welcomed Claire Brown (CB) to its global new business development team as manager dedicated to the Americas region. In this role, Claire is focused on understanding customers’ unmet needs, scouting next generation technology trends, identifying external partnerships, and developing a pipeline of next generation products that bring value to LI’s customer base. Claire brings over 10 years of experience in strategic marketing, product management, technology scouting, and new business development roles across Asia, Europe, and North America. She has a background in a diverse range of industries where she focused heavily on business-to-business, market-driven innovation.

We talked to Claire about her vision and what the future might hold for LI.


LI: You have considerable experience in business-to-business, market-driven innovation. What drew you to LI?

CB: The Company has a strong heritage of delivering excellence in the design, development and manufacture of some of the world’s best known acrylic products: Lucite® and Perspex®. It is also the global leader in the manufacture of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and now proud to be part of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings. Driving opportunities across all of LI’s portfolio of products and brands is an exciting and varied prospect. Take, for example, LuciteLux®, a versatile, contemporary acrylic sheet product with unique properties that make it the material of choice for architects, artists, and designers.


LI: Where do you see potential for LuciteLux® in the near future?

CB: Future applications of LuciteLux® will be driven by four main mega trends: (i) Urbanization, (ii) Energy, (iii) Transportation, and (iv) Health and nutrition. Urbanization will see a population shift from rural to urban areas. Resulting construction will become more smart and sustainable. Imagine a world where LuciteLux® enables heat management, creates better energy efficiency, provides privacy on demand, and facilitates stimuli-responsive consumer interaction. I believe LuciteLux® has potential applications in each of these areas.


LI: Tell us more about how you go about scouting for new generation technology trends.

CB: It is critical for all companies to keep current on drivers and trends in their industry. Taking that one step further it is important for companies to analyze industry foresight and stay in tune with next generation technology trends. I find it valuable to know where the US government agencies are investing their research dollars. Earlier this month I attended the National Science Foundation’s SBIR Grantee conference in Atlanta, an event that provides opportunities for small businesses that have received NSF funding to showcase their product ideas and network with industry. I met many innovators and we shared ideas on how LuciteLux® could be used in next generation technology. Later this month I’ll be attending Tech Connect World 2015 in Washington DC, which will be another great opportunity to stay in tune with innovation and share ideas on future applications for LuciteLux®.


LI: What are you looking to accomplish as new business development manager?

CB: In the short term I’d like to connect with customers on a creative level and understand what their needs are in a three to five year time frame. Drawing on what I know about the marketplace of the future I’d like us to sit together and ideate around what they would like LuciteLux® to be able to do next. Longer-term, it will be my role to help convert ideas into next generation products. I’m inspired by what I have seen in the business so far and look forward to building upon that as we move forward together. If you would like to follow up on any of these ideas, please contact me at: Claire.Brown@lucite.com or via LinkedIn.